Curriculum, Online Classes and Co-ops

If you are considering online classes for your students (all ages, including highschool), remember you get a FREE 3 month trial to Schoolhouse Teachers. Details for that in the bonuses section.

If you are not aware of online options, or want more info on some, here is a link to my master list of online classes:

Use the calendar notes form in the following ways:

  • Keep track of important dates you need to add to your calendar (if you have not already purchased one for the year). This is not meant to be the place you put all your important dates like birthdays, and appointments. It's just a temporary place to keep notes.
  • Add deadlines for registering for classes or payment deadlines, etc.

Calendar Notes Worksheet.pdf

When you decide upon a curriculum, you can use this Curriculum form to mark down prices from the different websites or vendors. Don't forget to include shipping in price estimates.

Curriculum .pdf

The research forms is the place to keep track of the info you gather from different co-op opportunities, or online classes you are considering.

Research Forms.pdf

We have compiled some of our favorite curriculum we have used for various subjects, and links to others we are familiar with. You may not need this information if you are satisfied with what you are using. If you are not yet sure, or would like to look around and see what else is available, here are some resources:

Master List of Language Arts for Homeschool

Master List of Math Options for Homeschool

Master List of Science Options for Homeschool